Commissioned by Trapcode to showcase Mir. Made by POTEMKIN.

POTEMKIN notes: « This low poly semi-epic child hood tribute space saga called EXODUS was born when Peder Norrby asked us to make a short film using Trapcode MIR. We accepted the challenge, made up a multi part narrative and went to work, letting the plugin affect both our creative, narrative and technical results.

This is the first part of a space epic, establishing the protagonists and a fragment of the universe as well as the timeline in which EXODUS takes place. »

Music and visuals by Magnus Östergren
Production management by Thomas Oger
Produced by POTEMKIN
Commissioned by TRAPCODE / Peder Norrby

More info on Trapcode Mir: redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/trapcode-mir/

Chemical Brothers ‘Velodrome’ – London 2012

Crystal has created a three minute animated sequence for the song’s promotional video to match its heart-pounding rhythms. Played in the Velodrome before every session the video shows the Velodrome as never before, literally pulsating with excitement.

“We’ve created sweeping contours and sleek surfaces as the backdrop for an intense, futuristic cycling ‘duel’ as two animated riders power round the track,” said Darren Groucutt, creative director at Crystal. “It truly brings the Velodrome to life.”

James O’Brien, LOCOG Head of Sports Presentation, said: ‘Inspiring people to engage with sport has always been central to our vision and we want to ensure the way we present sport adds to the experience of the spectators in the venues and builds the atmosphere. This will be a special summer and we are grateful to everyone who has given their time and expertise over the past years.’

The Future Forms Of Life

The Story based on Theo Jansen’s kinetic sculptures. If we work really hard on our dreams sooner or later we will reach our goals. But what if one day our dreams go too far?


Modeling | Rigging | Animation | Post Production David Lance

Music Tomas Dobrovolskis
Sound Design | Music Eugenijus Konstantinovas [Genys]

Matte Painting Laurent Shen
Camera man Steve Teare illustrator | Designer |
creative doodler Justas Cekauskas Voice over Jonny Cox
Sound R&D Vytautas Jundulas

Music R&D Audrius Vaitiekunas [Ijo]

Just a very patient person Dovydas Augaitis

Software used:

3Dsmax, Zbrush, After Effects, Mocha, MatchMover, Vray, MD2.
Rendered in Full HD.
Shot with 5D Mark II



Music : John Talabot – Lamento

Un lamento est un morceau de musique à caractère plaintif.
De même, on parle de lamento tragique pour un texte littéraire mêlant les registres tragique et pathétique.