65daysofstatic – PRISMS

Generative visuals: Matt Pearson (zenbullets.com)
VHS chaos: Asylum Films (asylumfilms.co.uk).

The concept behind the video:

From the album, « Wild Light ». Released September 16, 2013
This video is partly a response to a quote from Alex Rutterford, director of the seminal « Gantz Graf » video. Rutterford hand-animated his piece because he claimed, in 2002, that it was impossible for an algorithm to make a music video. These are his words:
« Everyone says ‘how long did it take you?’ How did you do it, they always want to ask me technical questions. I’d really love to be able to say to them, ‘I just wrote a computer algorithm, and the computer did it all. I wrote a program and it all just intelligently works it out,’ but it doesn’t exist, it’s fools gold thinking that someone can sit there writing a piece of software that can make intelligent decisions about pace and animation. »
I hope this proves him wrong. « Prisms » is fully algorithmic. There are no cuts, just one continuous generative animation. All decisions (camera work, movements, formations, etc…) are made by my system’s interpretation of the audio track. My work was creating the system and then curating its output or, to put it another way, I just wrote a computer algorithm, and the computer did it all. – Matt Pearson

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